High Precision 1.75mm Lab 3D Printer Filament Extruding Machine For Lab Use

Lab 3D Printer Filament Machine For Research Polymer Materials In College




Mini lab plastic extruder always be used for test or lab research with small capacity and low energy consumption.

This mini lab plastic extruder can be used to plastic modification test, pipe extrusion test, filament extrusion text and granulation test with different moulds. It is an essential equipment of the chemical enterprise, scientific research institution, college and university lab.

This mini lab plastic extruder can process all kinds of plastic materials such as soft/hard propene Polymer (PP) and polystyrene(PE) coordinated with the appropriate auxiliary machine.

At the same time, this mini lab plastic extruder is used for PP, HDPE, PE pipes co-extruding, it can be used for the color line, outside face of the pipes.


1. For pipe accessary machine
This machine can be used as striping machine which is a auxiliary in pipe production line.

2. For lab or text
With small capability and low energy consumption, this mini extruder is widely used in lab experiment and text.

3. For individual workshops
Many individuals want to set up a workshop to make pastic-related products, but you do not want to put much budget, so you can choose this machine.


No. Machine Name Quantity
1 Single screw extruder 1 set
2 Mould 1 set
3 Cooling tank & hot tank 2 set
4 Laser detection equipment 1 set
5 Hauling-off machine 1 set
6 Winder machine 1 set


Communication stage

1, We will first have a thorough understanding of customer needs, then raise the professional suggestions.

2, Submit a design that meets customer needs.

3, We can provide photos, videos and other information to our customers to understand our products.

4, Welcome customers to our company inspection and negotiations.

Manufacturing stage

1, The company will regularly report to the customer on manufacturing progress.

2, After the manufacturing, the company on the machine for the overall test.

3, Notify the customer to our company to check the operation of the machine.

After-sales service

1, Engineers can overseas service, install machines and train workers.

2, Our company offers 12 months warranty.

3, The production line has any problems and we will handle it within 24 hours.


Delivery machine by wooden package

High Precision 1.75mm Lab 3D Printer Filament  Extruding Machine For Lab Use


3D Printer Filament Machine

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